Qualifications to pass subject:   Information technology 


  Statistics in tourism 

Browsing the following website please make graphs of any data on the statistics of tourism in Turkey.   
The project should be performed in the program Microsoft Excel (graphs and tables) and the file in MS PowerPoint,
as a result of
the graphs.  





e-advertising in tourism

   Browsing the website please make a multimedia presentation in MS PowerPoint program, as an e-advertising of the 10 most beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey.
Please post in the presentation of images, tables, and graphs of the described


and one draft choice of the below

        Making two multimedial presentations in program Ms Power Point ver. 2007-2010.

        Turkey - my homeland (cities, turism, people and monuments),

        Internet (world, wide , web) in my country (information, portals, pages about country).


Both presentations must be prepared and recorded on CD or DVD and you must give them to profesor to mark it.


good luck my dear students !!!